An online website for social networking, Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004. With its headquarters in California, the history of Facebook was quite inauspicious. Mark Zuckerberg, with his classmates and roommates from Harvard University, founded Facebook. This included Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes. With its start, Facebook only started with a few members on its site, with most of them from Harvard. Eventually, other students from Boston colleges, other Ivy League universities, and Stanford University, joined. Gradually, it got a following from other students in university. Facebook eventually included students from high school.

In 2006, anyone aged thirteen years old or more could register in Facebook. The age requirement could be older based on local laws. It should be noted that the name “Facebook” was a colloquialism written by university students in the U.S.

Then how do you acquire Facebook log in?

(1) In the beginning guarantee that there is no one else inside the Facebook login webpage from your mobile device or your computer. So you can log out a person from his or her login, click the . This can be seen in the upper part of the webpage of Facebook. Pick to sign out.

(2) Type in the Facebook website address on web browser’s address bar:

facebook log in

(3) To serve as a login, type your email address. You could log in by using your email in the account. You could also perform a Facebook login Facebook when you make use of a username. Another way to do a FB Facebook login is to use a number. When you have a phone number linked to your Facebook account, just type it. Remember to not add zeroes prior to your phone number. login

(4) Afterwards type your password and click the “Log In” hyperlink.

If you are thinking what could be the difference between a sign in with Facebook to a log in with Facebook, just keep reading.

If you currently do not have an account with Facebook, sign up by following the next items. So as to register for Facebook, type in your name or your phone or your email address, which you will find on Next, choose the password you would want. Next, choose birthday and gender. Next click the “Sign Up” hyperlink.

If you would like to log in, the webpage will indicate if you have an account with Facebook that already exists. Simply log into the Facebook account. In order to sign in, put in your phone number or your email. Moreover, put in your password seen on the high right segment of the webpage. After, click the hyperlink, “Log In.”

When you still do not have access to Facebook, there are a few things you can do. First reset your password. Next, read about login troubleshooting. And if you cannot seem to remember your log in email address, sign in using your login name or your phone number. After attempting to do all of these troubleshooting items, look for more support so you can access your account.

If you would need to remove or include an email connected to your account, click the found in the right area of Facebook. Pick “Settings.” Then click the “Email hyperlink.” Afterwards click the “Add another email” hyperlink. You may accomplish this so you can get another email connected to your account on Facebook or if you would like to remove an email you no longer use from your Facebook account. Next, type your password. Afterwards click “Save Changes.” Once you are done with this, you would get an email confirmation. You will find a hyperlink from this email to guarantee that you did request for an email update.

A way to make sure that you own a secure and safe Facebook account is to guarantee that the email connected to your email is correct. We suggest that you ensure that the other emails connected to your Facebook account will have no access to your other original emails. The backups are useful.

If you do decide to use a mobile phone for logging in and you cannot log in, see if you typed in the right and complete number. It should include your country code. Make sure there are no zeroes, symbols, and characters (special). See if you can get more help if you still cannot sign in or you merely forgot your password.

Keep in mind that if you performed a Facebook login through a phone number, use the password and connected number when you log into your mobile device.

If encounter the “Incorrect Password” error message again, try to do some research. Make sure that the key, caps lock, is turned off on your device or try a password reset. Afterwards change or alter your password. Lastly, try to make use of another web program.